Monthly Archive: December 2014


Thinking beyond baby bumps

Read Globe and Mail’s profile of @MayanaGeneviere. Great-looking nursing bras that all moms would appreciate. Wish this had existed yrs ago.

Miracle eczema cream

Got our miracle #eczema cream Amazing for newborns and children cracked and bleeding eczema all natural homeopathic & herbal prep. Ask us

New pelvic floor specialist

So excited to add pelvic floor specialist physiotherapist Munira Hudani. She will start accepting patients Wed Dec 31 Welcome to the team


Boosting your immune system

Boosting your immune system by taking probiotics, vit D and fish oils can greatly decrease your chances of sickness this holiday season


Pubic bone pain and instability

Pubic bone pain and instability is common during subsequent pregnancies proper pelvic alignment, exercise and support belts help pain #SPD